Growing Vertically

Exciting things are happening at the construction site. The erection of the steel beams is in full progress. Have a look here:

Strong like Steel

Recently, Phnom Climb’s construction site has been all about steel - tons of steel.
Before the climbing walls can be built, we need to build a strong and sturdy roof structure because it serves as the stabilization of the climbing wall. Our Swiss structural engineer Sam designed and calculated a structure that would properly handle the weight of many climbers within the natural forces that are native to Cambodia. Once the materials list for the steel was finalized, we went for some shopping.
Did you know that steel is about 10 times stronger than iron and has been originally developed to build long lasting canons. Then they were broadly used for train tracks!
The understanding of work site safety is a bit different in Cambodia.

The Walls

As the roof structures go up, we are preparing for the setup of the actual climbing walls. We are planning about 250 square meters of lead climbing with a height of about 10 meters. We are also planning to have a bouldering area that is about 4 meters high.
This is a snipped of the preliminary draft of the climbing wall designs. 

We will build the climbing walls using strong wood panels. One panel is 4 by 8 feet (1.2 by 2.4 meters). Each panel has 72 holes enforced with a t-nut. To form the climbing walls, we need approximately 100 panels, which results in 7200 holes with t-nuts.

To make this happen, we can count on some wonderful friends and climbing enthusiasts who came out to help with drilling, sanding and hammering. It has been great fun so far.