Outdoor Climbing Trips in Cambodia

There are rumors that there are no Mountains in Cambodia. They are almost right. But there are Rocks! 
In collaboration with local climber expert, Phnom Climb is offering climbing tours to fantastic Rocks out in the nature in the province. 

Departure from Phnom Penh:
Around 7:00 at Phnom Climb Community Gym or pickup at your Hotel!

- The trip includes: Transportation, Climbing Gear, Climbing Shoes, Ropes, Guide and experienced climbing assistance
- Let us know your shoe size, your contact number and your climbing experience when you sign up
- Please sign up and pay upfront to Sotharin, at Phnom Climb Community Gym or directly at your hotel!
- The trip is only guaranteed if there are 4 or more participants

Trips to Chelea:

Half Day Trip

Back to Phnom Penh around noon. Only $35/participant

Full Day Trip 

Back to Phnom Penh in the evening. Only $45/participant

Trips to Kampong Trach

Full Day Trip 

Back to Phnom Penh in the evening. Only $55/participant

Your facilitator is Sotharin Mam, send text message or call him if you have questions: 068 791 555 or send an email to: climbing@rinco-kh.com 

 Contact us now to sign up!