A fruitful climbing collaboration

Since 2016 Phnom Climb Community Gym has been working together with Chibodia e.V. The older children of the Children’s Home are allowed to go there every afternoon to practice climbing. They were taught how to climb better and learned a lot of skills. The climbing is a really good practice for their development.

It is not only about their physical development. Yes, they are getting stronger and are in good condition. But they also learn things about working together, helping each other and looking out for each other. They have to work together, be considerate, and  pay attention to each other, especially when they are safeguarding/belaying each other. During climbing they also learn about how they can solve problems, first to think and then to do something and to be flexible if something does not work out like they thought before. They also learn not to give up when it doesn’t  work immediately, but rather try again and again until it works out. So they are learning a lot about themselves and are getting more life skills, which will be useful in their future.

Our children got more self-confidence and knowledge about their strengths, skills and opportunities.

One of our oldest boys also got a job at the Climbing Hall. He studies at school and he works there part-time. So he gets more positive experiences, develops his personality and can learn about the working-life. With the money he gets, he supports his family and also he is saving the money to buy a moto in the future. So he is learning how to deal with bigger amounts of money and how to save money for the future. These experiences can help him later, when he has finished High School and starts to study at the university. Then he will already know how to connect learning and working during a day.

And also a young woman, who lived as a child in Chibodia, works at the Phnom Climb Community Gym. She studies at the university in Phnom Penh and also works there. So she can pay for her own expenses.

During different climbing competitions, they showed their skills and abilities. This also shows the good teaching-quality of the climbing-teachers at Phnom Climb.