Safety is number one priority for Phnom Climb.

Top Rope / Lead Climbing Walls: Our walls have been engineered and tested following international safety guidelines for Indoor climbing facilities. Read more here

Staff: Phnom Climb Climbing Instructors are long year climbers. Their main concern is to make sure that safety procedures and rules are respected and implemented. Our climbing instructors are always available for questions and concerns regarding safety. Phnom Climb Staff all have a First Aid Certification. 

Climbing Gear: At Phnom Climb we are using state of the art Climbing Gear. We trust in CAMP and PEZL Harnesses and safety equipment for top rope climbing

Belaying: Every Climber who wants to belay has to pass a belay test. New climbers have the opportunity to learn how to belay in a belaying course. Contact us for more information.  

Waiver: Climbing bears risk. Every Climber has to sign a liability waiver before he or she climbs. For minors, the waiver has to be signed by a parent. You can get the waiver at Phnom Climb or download it here

Want your own Climbing Gear?

A range of climbing gear can be purchased directly at Phnom Climb!