Performing Load Tests on Climbing Walls

Many of you have already seen our lead and top rope climbing walls. They have been up for a while now. But we were not yet able to open them to the public yet, because they have not yet been tested. 

Testing for what? For your safety! A climbing wall is high and climbers are secured with ropes. When a climber falls, a multitude of his bodyweight is forced onto the rope and the safety points. For this we have to ensure that the safety points, where the ropes are attached to, can withstand sufficient weight. The industry standard defines that every safety point (anchor or top rope bar) has to be tested with a static load of 800 kg (1750 lbs). 

With AE Consuts, we had a reliable and experienced engineering partner on our side. They helped us with the planning and the welding and the testing of the welds so that we eventually arrived at the point where we were ready for the load tests. Here some impressions: 

The Phnom Climb team has been working hard to test every safety point. We are excited that every test has passed successfully! This means we will be ready to open our lead and top rope walls any time soon!