A Home for Phnom Climb

Our climbing wall now has a home!!!

Actually, from outside the whole structure looks finished but there’s still a lot of work to do inside.
First, scaffolding is going up for the bouldering wall.
It looks impressive.
Also, bathrooms and storage are being planned. Next to be tackled is the lead climbing wall.
And finally to close the space we’ll need shutter gates.

And then there are:


Thinking about colors is an interesting thing. What colors should a climbing wall be? 
Colors impact our perception of mood, the temperature in the gym and the way light is reflected. 
With the help of some creatives with an eye for color we’ve decided on an earthy, nature-related mix, which we’ve applied to our panels: 
We continue to receive support from all sides. It’s amazing to see our rock climbing community taking shape - even if the walls are not yet actually up!
Well, that’s all our news for now.