It’s the Final Countdown!

Hello Phnom Climb Friends. We have FIVE major news items to share with you.


After some unexpected issues, we’ve reinforced the steel structure which means we are now ROCK SOLID. BIG SHOUT OUT to our structural engineer friend Bryce and his team from Advance Engineering Consultants for their expertise and support.


In our original plan, we wanted to build the lead climbing and bouldering walls first and then build the top rope walls. Based on the effort required to design, calculate and build up the lead walls, we decided to build our top rope walls first alongside the bouldering space. The lead climbing walls would be added at a later stage.

In order to open the gates as soon as possible, we’ve now attached the wooden panels to the finalized steel scaffolding so, the exciting news is, the panels have entirely been put up and our bouldering wall is READY TO USE!

BIG THANKS to our awesome Phnom Climb volunteers!


It’s true! We’ve received an entire pallet full of climbing shoes, gears, ropes, climbing holds, hangeres, anchors and more! Over 500 kg of climbing awesomeness!Thinking about it… the bouldering wall is ready and the climbing holds are here.

Lets bring it together! Our friends Mathieu and Arnold spent days putting up the first climbs on the bouldering wall! And guess what? It looks amazing!


Why are we not yet open? Because we don’t want you to get hurt. Safety is of utmost importance to us. But quality crash mats are not available here so we’re having them custom-made. This process is more complicated than we anticipated and we’ve had to invest a lot of time investigating the right combination of the available materials, but... the mats are on the way! Also, our space is still wide open. Therefore, we have to install brick walls and shutter gates in the front of our warehouse. Once these things are done we’ll be ready for a soft launch.

A soft launch to a rock solid place!

We’ll keep you informed as to when you can come and try our bouldering space.

Which leads us to our final piece of exciting news...


Yes, we’re launching a crowd-fundraiser campaign on indiegogo!

In order for this campaign to succeed we’re going to need your help.Once we publish the campaign we need you to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Mail or other Social Media Channels so we get as much attention as possible.

And join us at the Toul Tom Poung Street Fair on Street 123 on Wednesday 16th of September from 6:00pm - 9:00pm. (More Infos here)

We’ll have a prize raffle for everyone who shares the fundraiser campaign on their Facebook wall!

Your sharing will help us to succeed!

You’ll hear from us again soon.

(BIG SHOUT OUT to all our supporters and readers.)

The Phnom Climb team.