Christmas at Phnom Climb

This is the perfect Christmas Break Activity!

Come enjoy this break and become a rock climber! This daily 1 hour class will introduce you to the fun world of climbing through Games and Activities. Participants will be learn basic climbing and safety skills while building confidence, strength, and balance. With a fun climbing guide, kids learn

  • how to follow routes and identify holds
  • how to use a harness
  • how to tie a figure-8 knot
  • and much more

Our program is well-designed, varied, and playful. Classes are led by kid-friendly and fun expert climbers. They ensure safety and to instill a spirit of cooperation and teamwork among the students.

Cost: $50 per participant (first come first serve

The subscription includes a full membership with access to the gym during opening hours for climbing with parental supervision!

Contact us to enrol at welcome (at) or call 017 897 105