A Strong Foundation

Welcome to the very first Phnom Climb Newsletter. We want to use this channel to keep you informed about the progress of the construction of the wall and other exciting news. 

It’s a difficult task to summarize what has happened in the last few weeks. If you look at our 400sqm piece of land, you would think hardly anything has happened! We are excited to share that a lot has happened! We laid the groundwork for a strong foundation and construction of our climbing gym begins!

Building in Cambodia is an adventure, but we are happy that we have a competent contractor on our side who knows the business. There were a couple of challenges to overcome like learning what a septic tank is and what it takes to build a structure that is strong enough to stabilize the climbing wall. We got great help from our structural engineer from Switzerland who calculated what we need.
For those of you who do not live in Cambodia, this is how cement is being prepared. 
In the meantime, we did a lot of remote shopping. We bought around 7000 T-Nuts, 1000 Climbing holds, many pairs of climbing shoes, harnesses, carabiners, quickdraws, and rope.