Climbing Activities for the smallest Climbers

This is our new fun activity for the smallest climbers. 

Contact us now to enroll!

By learning what it takes to be a successful rock climber, kids can reach new heights in all aspects of their lives and not just on the climbing wall.

The class is a tailored program for toddlers. They will experience their first steps in climbing. We enrich the program with fun games like obstacle courses, games with rings and ropes and more. All of this in a safe environment! 

Sundays 4:15 pm
Wednesdays 10:15 am

The comfort of your child is our priority. They are encouraged to participate activities but are also welcome to observe and to take a break when ever they feel it is necessary. 

For more information and to sign up, contact us at or 017 897 105 

A Dad's Voice

My Daughter has been a loyal member of the Phnom Climb Community Gym since she first came to Cambodia – she really loves it.
Apart from being fun and great for fitness, it seems that each climbing route is like a puzzle for her, which improves her patience, planning and analysis. I can see that she is also learning to visualize her climb and spot tricky sections before reaching for the first hold. I think regular rock climbing with you has helped her develop concentration, determination and problem-solving skills. It has improved her hand/eye co-ordination too.
While on one level rock climbing is an individual pursuit, it also has a very social component – she goes to the club with one of her best friends and knows a lot of the other kids there now too.

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