New to Climbing?

New to climbing?

We got you covered! Most of the Phnom Climb Climbers start their climbing carreer at this gym. At Phnom Climb we are proud to have a beginner friendly community culture. Come visit our courses and sessions to learn the basics and more!

Bouldering introduction course: Get to know what all the fuss is about. This 1 hour session helps you to understand the basics about bouldering and equip you with what you need to start conquering bouldering routes. Interested? Contact us now

Belaying course: Definition of belaying: fix (a running rope) round a cleat, rock, pin, or other object, to secure it.
In the belaying course you learn all you need to know about the rope, your harness, belaying device plus important communication concepts so that you are able to belay your climbing partner safely. This course is suitable for beginners and for climbers who did not belay for more than 2 months and need a refresh. 

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