All Prices in USD

Day Pass

1 Month

3 Months 

1 Year unlimited10-Pass
Adult* 74712545063
Child up to 12 years*5359032045

Family (2 Adults, max 2 Children up to 18 years)*
Additional child for standard child fee


*Gear (Harness and shoes) rental is not included in the price

Shoe Rental, Harness Rental: each 1$/day

Belay Assistance available. 

Rope Climbing only allowed for climbers who passed a belaying test conducted by Phnom Climb staff. Belaying Courses for Groups and Individuals available! Read here more about safety

Groups and Classes available on request or by announcement. 

Climbing Equipment

Climbers have to wear proper climbing shoes. Climbing shoes are available for rent (1$/day) or can be purchased in our Gear Shop.
For hygienic reasons, socks have to be worn in rental shoes. 

Harnesses and Chalk Bags, as well as belaying devices are available for rent as well.